Welcome to Howl Studios!
Calling all artists, craftspeople and entrepreneurs!

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Musicians: do you or your band need a place to practice music without worrying about noise complaints? Howl Studios is the place to be!

Renting a studio at Howl means:

  • 24-hour access to a secure and spacious room to store your gear.
  • An outdoor stage and seasonal events where you can polish your performance.
  • Full utilities and internet year-round
  • Directly on TCAT bus line
  • Close to both Ithaca and Trumansburg

Artists: Howl is a place for artists of all mediums. We serve painters, sculptors and designers and more. Let us know how we can accommodate your needs.

Call or Text: 607-351-6009 to get STARTED!

Rent a Studio Today!

Here are just a few of the rooms at Howl: